Looking for Volunteers! Come join the crew

Evening feeders needed four nights every week.  Pick one day, two or more.  Evening feed takes about one hour to feed and water the horses (with a hose) depending on the number of horses at the farm.

Do you have experience driving a tractor?  A bobcat or skidloader? maybe a zero turn lawnmower?  We have a need for many different tasks at the rescue farm.

Do you have any skills for carpentry or repairing electric fence?  We have a vehicle to drive around the farm to make repairs and check on everything.

We are in a major reorganization of the farm and repairing things that have been here for over 20 years.  The horses come to us for care and while that has always been our top prioroty, it is also past time to upgrade and get things done.

Want to work around the horses and learn how to properly care for them?  We have trained many volunteers over the last 22 years – maybe its your turn now!

We have all age groups working even under 16, but that is a case by case situation and those under 18 are on a trial basis.

Schedule a time to visit and see if you want to join our volunteer crew!