The Rescue Farm has Sold.

Animal Protection Coalition, Inc dba Indiana Horse Rescue has sold the farm in Frankfort, IN.  At this time we are in the process of relocating Animal Protection Coalition, Inc to New Mexico.  We will continue having our corporate offices here in Indiana, and hope to be able to restart in Indiana soon.

We have NOT changed our Mission, we will continue rescuing and saving horses in need.

The farm took time to sell, but the purchaser wanted quick possession, so it was a rush.

So many people have supported us over the last 25  years, the volunteers, adopters, donors, hay suppliers, Our Veterinarians at McDavitt Veterinary Clinic the friends we have made in the last 25 years, too many to begin to recognize.

A group of 7 of us have relocated to Estancia, New Mexico and we have had a time adjusting to the altitude.  3 of us have had a couple or so trips to ER, hospital stays, Pneumonia… but we think we are on the road to recovery and can begin Animal Protection Coalition, Inc.  and getting set up and licensed  through the state.

We can’t thank you enough and hope you will continue to support Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. as you do so m ay other US rescues!  It is a new beginning and is different as we begin  again so far from home!

You can  still click on the menu and go to the few pages we have left up.