I’m sure you’ve heard it 100 times  – Horses are a Huge Responsibility.  If you don’t have the time or resources to care for a horse, give it the attention it needs (and they need a lot of attention year round!!), vet care, farrier care, dental care are all crucial for a horse!  Yes, finding the right vet for you and your horse is important, but so are they!  The horse will be the cheapest part of this new adventure – be prepared, have funds set aside for emergencies, if a horse can get hurt, they will!  I’ve been told by many that a horse could get hurt in a padded stall – yep, its true too!  So do your research, REAL research prior to buying a horse.  There are still great places to go trail ride and it is way cheaper to just have fun that way too!

What does a professional farrier charge
What do annual vaccinations cost?
Dental Care?  Yes, many behavior problems can be found with dental appointments
Chiropractor?  Oh Yes!  If your perfect horse acts up – there IS a reason!
Have you heard???  No Hoof No Horse – many have missed rides when they have issues

Every child (and adults) want a horse.  I begged for years!  My husband purchased my first horse for me when I was 30+ years of age.  I can tell you, I still did not do the right research!  My first horse was a “Very Experienced, Well Trained – 2 year old gelding”  Yes, there isn’t one that I would recommend a new horse owner – we learned and I loved that little Brat!  I have been known to highly recommend at least a 15 year old for a beginner – nothing wrong with a 20 year old either!  But, you will have fun – or at least laugh a lot later!! 

Choose the perfect Horse

Choose the perfect horse for You!  You may have a favorite color, but I want to remind you that the perfect color does not mean that horse can do what you want it to do, or maybe that horses is more than you want to handle.  Never let someone “sell” you on a horse, take your vet, farrier, trainers, anyone that really knows the ins and outs of horses so you can confidently make the right decision for YOU!