Adoption Policies

Indiana Horse Rescue believes choosing the right horse for you and your family is a big decision, Indiana Horse Rescue volunteers understand this, so we will help guide adopters and suggest horses that we believe will be an asset to you, your family, and the purpose you intend to use the horse for.
Indiana Horse Rescue doesn't want to make it a hardship to adopt, but we do have policies!

Adoption Application

Indiana Horse Rescue has our Adoption Application online! We will call your references, however, if you would like you can have your personal references send an e-mail to it may help speed up your application process!

Available Horses

Indiana Horse Rescue has many horses available for adoption. Each one is special in their own way, Won't you check them out?

Mustang Sanctuary

Indiana Horse Rescue has been housing several wild mustangs since 2004. They are wild and we do NOT try to tame them, pet them or any normal horse things. They are now aged and we try not add stress to their lives.


Besides the Mustang Sanctuary, Indiana Horse Rescue has Permanent Residents. Louise, DustyBug and Zippy are housed at the rescue for many reasons. They ARE Permanent Residents and are NOT available for Adoption

Choose the perfect Horse

Choose the perfect horse for You!  You may have a favorite color, but I want to remind you that the perfect color does not mean that horse can do what you want it to do, or maybe that horses is more than you want to handle.  Let our volunteers help you decide if there is a horse here, that is Perfect for You!!  After your Application has been processed we will need you to also demonstrate your Horsemanship Skills with the horse you are hoping to adopt, that is and has always been part of our approval process.

Frequently asked questions

Every horse is unique, we try to evaluate them for their adoptability and riding skills. So the donation will vary.

Yes, there is a $25.00 application fee to process your application.

That depends on you and your references.  It can take as few as a few hours or as much as a couple weeks.  We try to make it easy for everyone.  Reaching your references is usually the hardest part.

Indiana Horse Rescue has no paid employees.  All work is done on a volunteer basis.