Mustang Sanctuary

In November of 2004, Indiana Horse Rescue began taking in small groups of wild mustangs which totaled 63 wild mustangs (over a period of time) from a rescue situation in Santa Yeezy Valley, California where Slick Gardner had accumulated over 500 mustangs allowing them to continue breeding and then ran out of funds and they were all slowly starving. We were just one rescue across the nation who stepped up and took several loads of these wild mustangs.  We took in many and adopted out most.  There were a few that had just “had it” with humans.  One in particular was named “Jiggs” While many could have been trained with the correct methods we didn’t have the funds or the trainer to send them to at the time.  So we decided to let them continue to live out their lives in as natural a setting as possible.  Jiggs never did fully trust anyone, the first time I ever touched him was the day he died.We  are now housing just 2 mustang mares that are great to look at and learn from, but they are not for adoption.  They are well fed and they keep their hooves trimmed naturally (Thank God for that) and we are able to deworm them by giving them a treat of grain with extra molasses and the dewormer in it.  We need funds to help to feed these two girls. They don’t eat much, but still require care. They have pasture and shelter and water and mineral and appear to be quite happy and content in their environment.  Do you want to come visit the mustangs – call ahead to see what the ground conditions are as we have to go through some mud to see them sometimes. We update their photos usually twice a year but I will be posting some recent pictures soon!  Sadie and Kira can be sponsored at any time. 

5/19/17    We all know how hard it is to lose a horse, well Thursday a volunteer was mowing grass. Saw all the mustangs grazing in the pasture as she went up the hill. She mowed the top and was coming down only to see one of our wild mustangs gone. Ariel was in her mid 20’s – 30’s we estimate, and thanks to you she had been with us since prior to 2004 – over 14 years. You allowed her to remain her wild self, let her be free and made sure she was always fed, watered and had shelter. Your donations allow us to feed and care for the remaining 3 wild mustangs in our care. So Thank You! Thank you from Sadie and Kira, and all the horses that we continue to care for and hope to be able to continue with your support!

Sept 3, 2021 I got a call – Come to the barn, Jiggs is down. I was out the door and to the barn.  Before I got to his area, he was gone.  I checked, made sure, so many loved this boy from a distance.  He was regal, never knew he was gelded, and guarded his herd till his last breathe. He is free, totally free now.