The Horses Are Depending on us - Can you help?

The past few years have been tough on the farm!  We never know what the next summer or next winter will bring.  There are many ways for you to help and support Animal Protection Coalition, Inc.
Any and all help that we receive is always GREATLY appreciated.

Please go through the list to find ways that YOU can Help!


We Have many projects to complete!

We always have a number of projects we are working on, or need items to complete or even start projects!  Anything you can help with is greatly appreciated

Have an idea?  Give us a shout – we are always trying to improve things for the horses!

Items Currently Needed

  • Gravel-Rock
  • ADM Mineral 100 pound tubs for Horses
  • Lumber, we are in need of different sizes of lumber depending on projects.

Items for the Horses

  • Donations can be made directly to McDavitt Veterinary Clinic – under Indiana Horse Rescue
  • Good Quality Grass Hay both Square and Round bales
  • ADM Mineral tubs (for equine 100#)
  • We use a minimum of 5 bags of Standlee alfalfa pellets  and now we have many others on Standlee Timothy Grass pellets
  • Can you purchase one or two bags or more?  Order online thru Rural King with a Frankfort, IN free pickup and email or text us the receipt/info when order is ready for pick-up! Office phone is a cell phone (765) 605-5790  Our schedule a time and deliver to the farm!!