Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you visit your horse after adoption? While it is at Indiana Horse Rescue, yes, by appointment only.  Just as with many other animal adoptions, the people are screened, references checked and a match is made. Once the adoption takes place, we try to always have room available should your life circumstances change and need a place for the horse to come. We cannot give you the names of the adopters, but we do screen them thoroughly and follow up on the placement to be sure everything is well.

What if we can’t find a home for the horse? If we are unable to adopt your horse to a new home, (and we take all the time we need) we will give him the dignity of a respectful end.  You will never need to worry that your horse faces the cruelty of abandonment, neglect or going to auction.  We only do this when necessary whether, behavior or medical issues, we do NOT euthanize for space.

What if I change my mind after signing him over? You need to understand that we are a humane organization, once a horse is donated, the horse receives any care or treatment necessary along with daily care. You should seriously consider whether you want to donate the horse prior to making arrangements for it to come into the rescue.

Can you pick up my horse?   We are no longer able to provide that service due to scheduling.  We may be able to help you find someone, it depends on how far away you are, when they need picked up and IF we can arrange to have someone pick them up. There is a fee to be paid for the trailer use and driver. We prefer you deliver them if possible, then there is only the prearranged tax deductible donation. Horses may only be donated by approval and with prior arrangements. 

Thank you for considering Indiana Horse Rescue to help you find the right home for your horse.
Still interested in donating your horse? The next step is to complete our forms Transfer Equine Questionnaire  and Equine Questionnaire to see if we have an opening and they will fit within  our capabilities.  There may be a waiting period if room is not currently available.  We will not  begin the adoption process until after the equine(s)  has arrived and been assessed.

We get many many calls and emails, so please be patient if we do not get back to you immediately. If you do not hear from us within 2-3 days please reach out, as with many rescues, we may not be able to understand return phone numbers (cell phones) – these calls can not always be heard on the voice mail.  Our goal is to rehome every equine that comes to the rescue, however, we will never allow a horse to suffer if they can not be relieved of pain and/or by veterinary advice.  We are here for the horses, you will see that, if you come visit and meet our volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relinquishing Horses To Indiana Horse Rescue

Each equine will be evaluated by qualified individuals, whether they be veterinarians, farriers, trainers, etc.  Adoptable equines will be posted on our website and notices will be sent out across the internet to help find them the best adoptive home.  Whether they go on to be a show horse, 4H horse, family pet, kid’s pony, trail horse, companion, or pasture pet we will do our best to place each animal, in the Right home.

If you are referred to us by the Sheriff’s Dept, a Humane Society, or your veterinarian, we may be able to adjust the one time cash donation required when relinquishing a horse, this will be done on a case by case basis. We accept horses with a referral and can sometimes arrange for pick up for a fee.  Otherwise a Surrender/Transfer Fee is required for each horse accepted to our facility.  This is a one time fee and the only fee we charge.


We require that you complete our Request for Transfer Equine, and Equine Questionnaire, which gives Indiana Horse Rescue ownership of the horse(s) along with turning over any registration papers that identify the equine.  These forms have many questions that you can answer to help us find your horse the right home. Written documentation provided by the veterinarian of any current veterinary services must accompany the horse, as well as a list and any available current medications the horse is on along with all registration papers.

Donation Documents
Please complete the following documents and if you are transporting the horse to our facility upon approval you may send them with your transporter.  We will send you the actual Donation Agreement should your equine be coming into the rescue.

1.  Request for Transfer of Equine (click for form)

2.  Equine Questionnaire
(click for form)

If you are donating multiple horses, please be sure you complete separate forms for each equine.