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About Indiana Horse Rescue

This story started in 1996, on a wing and a prayer.  After you read about how we got started, don’t forget to check out our Permanent Residents.

Indiana Horse Rescue was founded by four equine enthusiasts, Anthony Caldwell, Kathryn Caldwell, Philip Collins, and Jason Jenkins. IHR is dedicated to a very special Arabian horse that was purchased by Tony and Kathryn Caldwell.  

IHR started by leasing approximately 35 stalls at the Clinton County Fairgrounds. A few years after, the founders of IHR decided it was time for a move. IHR was built with love in rural Frankfort, IN just outside the city limits. In 2002 IHR became part of the Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. and Anthony Caldwell was voted in as President of APC.  Over the years IHR experienced substantial growth as an advocate for equine welfare in the State of Indiana. 

This group of horse lovers originally began by taking in people’s misfit/unwanted/problem horses and by purchasing horses from “kill sales” at auction houses.  Two of the first  horses that were purchased to save from slaughter were a beautiful Belgian mare that they affectionately called Precious and an Off The Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) named Forever Icy.  

Horses that are donated to IHR are evaluated and if suitable, placed in our adoption program. IHR adopts out hundreds of horses per year. IHR accepts horses of all breeds and ages. Some horses come to IHR with permanent injury or medical problems, but most are donated by caring owners who for one reason or another just can’t keep their horse any longer. IHR also works very closely with law enforcement officers to house and care for horses that have been impounded. 

A great number of people believe that because our name is Indiana Horse Rescue, we receive state government funding, which we DO NOT. Caring for horses can be financially taxing and we are always in need of funding for feed, medical, farrier care, supplies, services, and facility improvements. IHR is funded by private donations, Adoptions and fundraisers. We would not exist nor function without the support of amazing donors and volunteers. IHR is a 100%   volunteers ran organization,  without the many volunteers that donate their time, we could not do what we do!


CRJ Orlando Sudan.

His story is what sparked their interest in rescuing horses. It was through this group’s hard work, dedication, and compassion for horses, that the concept of IHR was developed and put into action. 


Our Mission Statement

Indiana Horse Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated in its mission to facilitate the Rescue and Rehabilitation of equine in need. Indiana Horse Rescue is not a Sanctuary in the sense that it is our belief that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to assess and relieve the suffering of an animal unable to live it’s live free from pain or whose quality of life is greatly diminished. We further believe that we have a duty and responsibility to public safety to ensure any animal placed for adoption or foster is not an animal with the potential to harm human health. While these decisions are never easy we alone bear the burden of having to make them. We do not take such decisions lightly. Our hearts and souls ache with the burden, but we also know there are many more in need waiting in the shadows, needing us to heed the call. We honor their lives and their loss by being there for the next call for another in need no matter the outcome to Our hearts and souls. Because it is far true that –

“If The Only Cost Were Love, We Could Save Them All”